REIT Investment Losses

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can be excellent vehicles. But a number of REITs are NOT traded on exchanges. These NON-TRADED REITs can be disastrous money losers. They are illiquid, meaning there’s no public market. You can never know what they’re worth (despite some value the broker may include on your statements). Because there’s no public market, they’re difficult to sell. If a financial advisor has sold you one or more of these high-commission NON-TRADED REITs, you may have a claim.

Non-Traded REITS specifically named recently in the Massachusetts Securities complaint against brokerage firm LPL Financial include:

  • Inland American Real Estate Trust
  • Dividend Capital Total Realty
  • Cole Credit Property Trust II
  • Wells Real Estate Investment Trust II
  • Cole Credit Property Trust III
  • W.P. Carey Corporate Property Associates 17
  • Cole Credit Property 1031 Exchange