N’Siders Win Arbitration for Mishandled Accounts

BY Investment Fraud Attorney
December 4, 2013

Six cases have been filed against the Ridgeland branch office of Morgan Stanley and its managers. These cases arise from wrongdoing by two brokers in that office, Steve Wyatt and Hilary Zimmerman and the failure of Morgan Stanley to supervise them and protect their clients. These cases involve 26 individual investors who lost millions of dollars in assets.

The first case has been completed with an award to the claimants of almost $400,000. The Northside Sun published a story regarding that case. Read the article below and on the Jackson Jambalya website.

A second case has been through 2 weeks of hearings and will be concluded in April, 2014.

If you were a client of Morgan Stanley between December 2007 and July 2012 and your brokers were Steve Wyatt and/or Hilary Zimmerman and you lost money, we may be able to help you recover some or all your losses. Call us to discuss your situation. Or if you prefer, email us (kim@breeselaw.com) and we will contact you.